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Roscovitine (Seliciclib,CYC202)


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CAS Number: 186692-46-6

Molecular Formula: C19H26N6O

Molecular Weight: 354.45


1. "Roscovitine is a potent and selective inhibitor of the animal cyclin-dependent kinases cdc2 (CDK1), CDK2 and CDK5 prompted an investigation into its effects on progression through the plant cell cycle. Roscovitine induced arrests both in late G1 and late G2 phase in BY-2 tobacco cell suspensions." Planchais S et al.: Plant J.1997 Jul;12(1):191-202 Abstract

2."(R)-Roscovitin is about twice as potent in inhibiting cdc2/kyclin B than the (S)-Roscovitin." Azevedo et al.: Eur. J. Biochem. 243, 518-526 (1997) Full text

3."Roscovitine is a potential antiproliferative drug for the treatment and/or prevention of both estrogen responsive and non-responsive breast cancers." Mgbonyebi OP et al.: Anticancer Res. 1998;18(2A):751-5 Abstract

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