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CAS Number: 860352-01-8

Molecular Formula: C17H19FN4O2S

Molecular Weight: 362.42

AZD7762 is reported to be a potent and selective dual Chk1/2 inhibitor (5 nm and <10 nm, respectively) with an in vivo EC50=10 nm in HT29 cells. AZD7762 has also shown the ability to potentiate the efficacy of gemcitabine and irinotecan.


AZD7762 is greater than 100-fold selective for checkpoint kinases over the majority of a panel of protein tyrosine and serine/threonine kinases. Because greater than 100-fold selectivity was observed against cdk, protein kinase C isoforms, and MAPKAP kinase 2, AZD7762 is clearly differentiated from the UCN-01 kinase selectivity profile (13–15). Sonya D. Zabludoff et al.: Mol Cancer Ther 2008;7(9):2955–66 Full text

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